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Municipal Construction Services

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JSD can provide that unique extra quality assurance for your upcoming project with experienced staff who take a proactive approach to working with property owners, state and federal regulatory agencies, municipalities and utility representatives.

Our construction professionals are familiar with Wisconsin Department of Transportation (DOT) design and construction procedures and can help you attain DOT approval/acceptance in areas where your project interacts with existing transportation corridors.  Let us take the lead on pre-construction meetings, daily reporting and detailed progress records, pay estimates, record drawings and corresponding public relations that goes along with this process to get your project through final approval and construction!


Our team places value engineering as a priority.  We can provide opinion of:

  • Probable Cost
  • Street/Highway Redesign
  • Construction Observation
  • Material and Shop Drawing Review
  • Erosion Control Implementation Verification and Monitoring

Our JSD surveying team can also carry out construction staking and layout/confirmation surveys that will complete your project to ensure it meets your plan's specifications as well as municipal and state requirements.  Our work with utility and local agency coordination makes your life easier in the midst of your construction project. 

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