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Municipal Engineering

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JSD staff has broad experience in providing municipal engineering and planning in communities in southern Wisconsin. Our multi-disciplinary team of dedicated professional Civil Engineers, Structural Engineers, Planners, Land Surveyors, and Landscape Architects provide an integrated approach that enables us to effectively meet the needs of our clients within local government.

When working for a Town, Village or City, JSD designates an experienced professional engineer to act as the long term Client Manager for that community. The Client Manager will be either on-call or will regularly attend public meetings such as those for councils, plan commission, and board of public works depending on the community's preference. The Client Manager will be readily accessible by cell phone and email and can maintain regular office hours if so desired by the community.

When the need arises, the Client Manager will utilize JSD's staff to respond with efficient and financially responsible solutions to the challenges inherent to constructing and maintaining today's public infrastructure.Our experience, staff size, office locations and use of state-of-the-art technology, enable us to quickly address issues on policies, maintenance, budgeting, project planning, zoning, assessments, and resource management as they arise.

JSD offers the following services to Municipalities:

  • Consulting to Plan Commission / Public Works / Board Staff
  • Master Planning
  • Site Plan & Plat Review / Approvals
  • Street and Utility Design & Review / Reconstruction
  • Stormwater Management / Erosion Control / Permt Review
  • Construction Inspection & Administration
  • Annual Maintenance Planning / Implementation
  • Budgeting and Assessments
  • Ordinance Writing / Editing
  • Grant Writing / DOT Liaison / Funding
  • Traffic Analysis / Review


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