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JSD & the Coolest Cars!

Do you still have fantasies of that dream car you always wanted? JSD had a lot of fun working with Autohändler, LLC, a boutique pre-owned luxury car dealership tucked away on a small country road in Fitchburg. Surrounded by fields and wooded areas, you’d never know that within the handfuls of garage doors visible from the road are vehicles ranging in age from classic 1950’s all the way to brand new.

JSD worked alongside Randy Alexander at Torque Companies, as well as leaseholder, Alex Schremp, who will tell you he’s more than just a car dealer. Alex focuses on buying, selling, and consigning rare, classic, and luxury or exotic vehicles doing everything from purchasing/reselling, refurbishing, general maintenance, storage, and even consignment services. JSD led consulting services for this project with preliminary planning, an extensive grading and erosion control plan, storm water management design and landscape architecture.

It’s not too late for that dream car…check out the showroom beauties from older to newer Porsches, a collection of Ferraris, some old 1950’s classic Fords and Chevy’s, all the way to some high-end motorcycles, water sports vehicles, or recreational vehicles! The property also has garage condos available for purchasing or leasing! Visit https://www.autohandler.net/ to learn more!

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