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Justin Johnson, P.E., Promoted to Associate and Manager of JSD’s Milwaukee Regional Office Waukesha, WI

JSD is proud to announce that Justin L. Johnson, P.E., has been promoted to Associate and Manager of its Milwaukee Regional Office. Johnson has over two decades of Site Design and Project Management experience in service to Clients in the Wisconsin and Northern Illinois Land Development industry and will utilize that knowledge and expertise to mentor staff and lead JSD’s survey, planning and engineering team in the Milwaukee market. In his new role, Johnson will also help to develop company policies and procedures that will continue the growth within the footprint of JSD’s current seven regional offices, and beyond.

When asked about the new role, Johnson responded, “The old saying goes, ‘If you love what you do, you’ll never have to work a day in your life.’ Land development and working with people is what I love to do. It is tremendously satisfying to sit with a Client at a coffee shop and see a project idea on a napkin sketch, and then later be able to stand in the crowd and watch the client cut a ribbon for the grand opening of their development. We have a tremendous team here in Milwaukee. Add to that the experts we have available to us in our other regional offices, and I’m confident we will exceed our Clients’ expectations and meet their project needs, start to finish.”

Rich Wagner, JSD’s Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President commented, “It’s great to have someone as knowledgeable and well respected as Justin to continue the great leadership within JSD and the Milwaukee Regional Office. Justin is well liked by both clients and colleagues. He and I share the same work philosophy in that we both like to get “knee deep” in projects and not just manage from above. I know he enjoys the one on one relationship he has with staff and clients.”
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