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Lake Country Lutheran High School

Location: Hartland, Wisconsin

This 100-acre Lake Country Lutheran Association development includes the future construction of a 151,000 square-foot high school with future expansion, an athletic stadium, addtional athletic fields, tennis courts, parking, a new roadway to access the site, and modifications to the state highway entrance and exit ramps. JSD's professional services included: a boundary survey, numerous legal exhibits, a stormwater management plan, WDNR permitting, a construction phasing plan, a mass grading plan, and a storm sewer plan. The stormwater management design included a geothermal pond and infiltration basin. JSD also provided the design and plan set for the new roadway (Campus Drive), the design and plan set for the modification of the northerly ramps for State Highways 16 and 83, and coordinated a signalization study for the ramps. This project involved directional drilling under Highway 16 for the water main, preservation of the existing trees and wetlands, the matching of existing roadways and development surrounding the site, coordination with WDOT, 3 different communities, and other concurrent projects in the area.