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Monroe Clinic

Location: Albany, Wisconsin

The Monroe Clinic is a not-for-profit full service clinic and hospital that attracts patients of all types from southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois. This state-of-the-art medical facility offers patients advanced medical treatment and technology combined with personalized care and sensitivity. JSD performed Preliminary Engineering; prepared an Erosion Control, Grading & Utility Plan; created a Stormwater Management Plan (SWMP); and provided the Landscape Plan for this project. The Preliminary Engineering involved creating construction plans and drawings for the site that served as an outline for the rest of the project tasks. The Erosion Control, Grading and Utility Plan detailed erosion control measures and illustrated where site features such as sidewalks, storm sewers, trenches, and outlets should be located in order to maximize erosion and runoff control. The SWMP included stormwater management practices and associated design calculations to address sediment control, oil and grease treatment, runoff rate control, stable outlet design, and infiltration. JSD's Landscape Plan incorporated a unique combination of plantings to create a genuinely warm natural environment outside of the building and in the healing gardens around the clinic. Work was performed for Welman Architects, Inc.