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University of Wisconsin-Madison Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery

Location: Madison, Wisconsin

The Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery are twin institutes, one public and one private, constructed in the heart of the UW–Madison campus as a hub for interdisciplinary research. Situated at the campus crossroads of engineering, microbial sciences, biochemistry, chemistry, genetics, biotechnology, medical sciences and computer sciences, the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery are intended to create a vibrant, flexible and inviting environment that will foster impromptu meetings among scientists, forge new research alliances, and facilitate ideas and breakthrough discoveries. The $150 million facility encompasses the entire 1300 block of University Avenue between Randall Avenue and Orchard Street. JSD provided an existing conditions survey that included a boundary, topographic, and utility survey. JSD also provided a Certified Survey Map, a Condominium Plat, a legal description and exhibit for the proposed service tunnel improvement, a metes and bounds legal description and an Exhibit Map for the Vivarium Parcel.