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Fritse Park and Rydell Conservancy

Location: Menasha, Wisconsin

The planning work for Fritse Park and Rydell Conservancy identified tremendous opportunity to combine the unique setting of the site’s natural habitats, spring-fed ponds, archeology, and historic and cultural features with the recreational amenity of the recently completed Friendship Bike Trail. JSD designers provided site assessment information, conceptual park designs, creative architectural sketches, preliminary cost estimates and organizational support for fund-raising.

The Master Plan includes revised road and parking lot layouts; additional trail segments and new trails; improved water access facilities including a kayak/canoe boat launch, and a restored vegetative shoreline in place of the existing dilapidated sea wall. The Master Plan also includes amenities to improve the environmental integrity of the site including a boat washing station, sedimentation removal swales, native restoration and fish cribs.

JSD Planners worked continuously with the Town of Menasha through the permitting and development process. JSD staff prepared Chapter 30 permitting and Notices of Intent. Additionally, JSD Planners have worked with the Town to develop budgeting and phasing for Fritse Park.

As part of the approval process for the Chapter 30 permit, JSD landscape architects and engineers developed a detail plan for shoreline restoration. This involved saw cutting portions of the existing sea wall, regrading the site and restoring the shore with native landscaping. This plan also involves installing stone riprap to 8’ beyond the Ordinary High Water Mark to dissipate the velocity of the water against the shoreline.

The Town established that sustainable stormwater management was a priority in design. The conceptual design designates areas for stormwater management ponds, and identifies several locations for infiltration basins, bioswales and several StormTreat™ systems.