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Lafollette High School, Lussier Stadium

Location: Madison, Wisconsin

This east Madison facility underwent a substantial face lift due in large part to private donations. Following master planning and in-depth long-range planning concepts, the existing cinder track was converted to a nine lane 400-meter running track. The redesign of the running track and all associated field events included upgrades to existing utility features and stormwater improvements to assure proper drainage. Innovative designs were developed to create combined use field events in an effort to speed up field event competition during meets. Bleachers were added to the scenario with a state-of-the-art press box and PA system. A new scoreboard was installed and a collaborative effort with the school’s architects provided a large concessions/utility building that serves the facility well.

Additional scope of work included the reconstruction of the eight existing tennis courts and practice area for the Lancers tennis team. A play structure and bench seating was added on the periphery of the courts and the parking lot was re-designed to accommodate the additional use anticipated for the facility. Landscape architectural treatments were added to complete the project.

Construction administration was provided during the construction of all site improvements.