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Concordia University

Location: Mequon, Wisconsin

JSD provided an existing conditions survey and map for the Concordia University area and performed a bathymetric survey to be included in the existing conditions mapping.

JSD established both horizontal and vertical control within the project area and coordinated aerial mapping of approximately 288 acres with KBM Inc. We provided photo control on field targets to support mapping efforts with Trimble 4800 GPS survey equipment. The mapping conformed to National Mapping Accuracy Standards for Topography Surveys. JSD collected field data at an appropriate density to verify aerial mapping for quality control.

JSD collected bathymetric data for approximately 2700 feet of shoreline with profile lines at 100-foot intervals. Profile lines were 1500 feet in length and/or out to water depth of 20 feet. JSD superimposed bathymetric data with aerial mapping to produce an existing conditions map.

JSD located existing property corners and showed property lines graphical with information provided. A current title report including legal descriptions and recorded easements affecting the subject property was required. JSD located sewer and water utilities at proposed hookup locations. We also contacted the appropriate utility companies for available pressure and power characteristics and located diggers hotline field markings. JSD also provided inverts for accessible storm inlets and manholes, culverts and sanitary manholes. We added the appropriate underground utilities to our survey map from private records available.