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University of Wisconsin-Madison South Campus Union

Location: Madison, Wisconsin

The Wisconsin Union demolished the existing Union South Buildings and constructed a new 194,000 square-foot three-story modern South Campus Union to meet the evolving needs of today's students. JSD provided a Boundary, Topographic and Utility Survey & Map (Existing Conditions Survey & Map) for the Union project. The mapping included the underground features lying within the parcel’s boundary. JSD located the utilities serving the area including the invert elevations, size of pipe, pipe material for the sanitary & storm sewers, water mains and the vault dimensions for the communications installations. JSD also surveyed 800 feet of rail line on each side of Randall Avenue for the addition of turn lanes to the intersection. JSD coordinated with the UW Madison Physical Plant, the City of Madison Engineering Department, and Digger’s Hotline to obtain utility information and have the underground utility facilities marked. Staff provided detailed drawings of steam tunnel vaults, water pits, communication vaults, and electrical vaults. JSD also created the Certified Survey Map (CSM) for the South Campus Union. This document created the lots showing easements, dedications and vacations. The CSM streamlined the review process for site development.

New meeting space, recreational facilities, and food service venues are the primary components of the new facility, which will be a LEED-Certified Green Building on the Madison campus. The project creates an urban center providing entertainment, recreation and food – including a sports pub, coffee house, climbing wall, and large event space for student dances and conferences. The project also includes parking and guest rooms. The union provides an enduring campus center with its own identity that serves as a proper gateway to the UW's south campus area.

  • Rendering provided by Workshop Architects
  • Rendering provided by Workshop Architects