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Belleville Pedestrian Bridge Reconstruction

Location: Belleville, Wisconsin

JSD conducted a regional, community and site analysis highlighting three selected locations to replace a pedestrian-bicycle bridge that had been destroyed by flood stage levels of the Sugar River in Belleville, Wisconsin.

JSD detailed plan concepts for each location while providing cost analysis and comparative advantages for each design solution. Hydrological engineering and flood modeling were utilized in providing conceptual design solutions. Detailed design and manufacturer analysis included studies in steel truss and I-beam alternatives, structural support systems, materials, finishes, architectural aesthetics and installation techniques. These studies provided the neccessary information in allowing JSD to create a set of photo-realistic rendering visualizations for each alternative that allowed the Village to make informed decisions on cost, maintenance, style, and aesthetics.

JSD provided structural and civil engineering plans for the reconstruction of the Village approved and recommended pedestrian bridge design. In combination with these efforts, JSD provided planning assistance to the Village’s applications for County funding grants. JSD served as the liaison to the permitting process with the Department of Natural Resources.