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MMSD- West High School Recreation Courts & Fitness Stations

Location: Madison, Wisconsin

JSD provided site planning, design and construction administration and oversight services for this school district improvement project. The existing tennis courts located at this site had been abandoned for years due to the unsafe condition of the pavement and fencing and the high cost of replacement. Recent funding initiatives afforded the opportunity for planning and reconstruction of this area to provide new recreational and physical education related features. JSD prepared concepts and programming for these improvements which were approved and constructed. The main objective focused on the need for a paved surface that could be used for multi-court games with basketball as the primary feature. Also as important, the physical education department instructors requested some form of activity that could benefit the physical development of users in the age group of fourteen years and older. JSD proposed the inclusion of fitness related activity stations and adjacent small group areas for educational instruction. Three seat wall areas were designed as perimeter educational/instructional areas. Each educational area includes three different fitness stations. Input from physical education faculty guided the choices for the type of exercise dedicated for nine total fitness stations that can be used in rotation or in any variety of ways as determined by the instructors specific course goals and objectives. JSD introduced stamped colored concrete pavement to enhance the appearance of the facility and create interest for users. Landscape plantings will be added in the near future as school district budgets accrue funding allowances.