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Summit Credit Union / Better Business Bureau

Location: West Allis, WI

JSD prepared an existing conditions map, consisting of a topographic and utility survey for the property proposed for development of a Summit Credit Union/Better Business Bureau shared-use building. JSD provided engineering for the commercial development site including a demolition plan, grading & erosion control plan, phasing plan, utility plan, and site construction details.

JSD’s landscape architects also worked closely with project consultants to prepare a landscape plan that met the unique vision of the architect, owner’s intent, as well as city requirements. In addition to the landscape plan, the architect requested 3-dimensional renderings prepared by JSD that provided a visual representation of the built site integrating architecture, site details, topography and landscape design. These renderings were provided for presentation to the City of West Allis Plan Commission to further illustrate design goals and intent within the overall site development process.