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Whalen Pond Remediation

Location: Verona, Wisconsin

JSD provided professional services for the conceptual landscape restoration planning for a stormwater management feature located on the City of Verona's South side. Our services included formulation of conceptual plans representing the ecological preservation and landscape related restoration of the existing stormwater pond and surrounding area. These plans and specific program elements reflected input provided by a select group of Glacier Elementary School teachers and City Public Works staff. JSD also worked with UW Outreach Program staff to confirm a path of design that would assure the promotion of desirable biological communities and supportive botanical flora.

Our recommended program and approach included considerations for water quality treatment through the use of native grasses, educational signage recommendations, observation/viewing platform, the use of native grasses and shrub groupings, revegetation of buffer sideslopes, recommendations for maintenance and the overall promotion of improved habitat for entomologic research and education. JSD intends to assist the City with the implementation and installation of this plan in the time frame allowed by the previously established budget.