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Hodag Park Master Plan

Location: Rhinelander, WI

JSD prepared the Hodag Park and Recreation Master Plan for the City of Rhinelander to serve as a guide for the planning, functionality, and improvement of the park’s trails, open space, program elements, and outdoor recreation facilities.

Hodag Park located on Boom Lake in Rhinelander, Wisconsin, provided tremendous opportunity to design a very unique park that provided outdoor space for everyone. It is the largest park in Rhinelander, and also one of the largest public waterfronts in northcentral Wisconsin. The Master Plan of the 25.2-acre park included revised entrances, roads and parking layouts; additional trail segments and new trails; improved water access facilities including a kayak/canoe/boat launch, terrace on the water, multiple fishing docks, and restoration of the vegetative shoreline in specific areas along the shore path. The Master Plan also included amenities such as a central pavilion/gathering space, ice rink, stage and seating area, splash pad, wedding venue, updated beach access, and much more.

In the process of this design JSD has been working hand in hand with the City of Rhinelander and its community. Implementing specific appropriate uses that have been weighed and voted upon in the community, trying to find a balance between necessity, overlap, and usage with other parks in the neighborhood. JSD has developed multiple concepts taking into account new community input as it is provided, Park and Recreation budget, historical value, and amenity connections.