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Planning & Development

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JSD’s skilled and versatile staff is able to assist property owners and developers through the entire land and site development process, from collaboration and formulation of initial concepts, creation of master plans, and obtaining governmental approvals, to eventual construction and marketing.

JSD offers the ability to create concept plans that capture and reflect the owner/developer’s ideas and efficiently transform the ideas into buildable projects. With the broad variety of skill sets that are available between each JSD office, we are able to assimilate and integrate multi-disciplinary solutions and considerations for nearly every development contingency.

Over the years, JSD has formed and maintained respectful and credible working relationships with Local, County and State agency officials throughout Wisconsin and northern Illinois. This reputation and sensitivity to local community issues is an invaluable benefit to clients and is reflected in the overall success of our client’s projects.

JSD offers the following services in Planning and Development:

  • Due Diligence Review and Data Collection
  • Existing Conditions Surveying
  • Land Planning
  • Conceptual Layouts and Feasibility
  • Schematic Engineering
  • Transportation and Traffic Circulation Analysis
  • Cost Analysis
  • Site Design
  • Development Approvals and Entitlements

Customer Satisfaction

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